Things I Heart at the Moment

Hello everybody.

So, I have decided to include in my blog, a list of the things I am loving at this very moment. At this point, I don’t have a set schedule or anything as to when I will post these. I considered every week, but then quickly realized there are lots of things I love longer than for a week. For now, I suppose I will post one of these for when the occasion calls for it!

1) Mighty Leaf Chocolate Truffle Tea. When I first tried this flavor, I really didn’t like it all that much. My palette was accustomed to much sweeter and fruity flavored teas and this flavor is opposite of fruity. But now, after drinking it for a few days, I have really come to enjoy this tea especially after a meal, or even when I’m trying to drink something to tide me over until I eat my next meal. The flavor is very fresh and earthy and seems to send a direct signal to the body this tea should be enjoyed alone and not accompanied by a meal. The tea sachet holds whole tea leaves and I think this lends rather well to the earthiness of the tea. The fresh mint, chocolate taste is very complex and bold.

2) Keurig Vue. After very much consideration over the holidays, I FINALLY decided on the single cup coffee maker that I wanted the hubby to buy for me for Christmas. If I (well, he) was going to spend money on a single cup brewer, then I definitely wanted to get one that had all the bells and whistles and offered the most variety. I chose the Vue because this machine not only brews coffee, but also makes lattes! I have been enjoying a Vanilla Latte everyday after dinner ever since my machine arrived. I simply love this machine and cannot say enough about it!


3) Winter days. We are finally experiencing some crisp Winter days here in Kentucky. We have had a couple of snows, now, and the weather seems to be finally settling in. Although it’s been Winter for a while, some seasons in Kentucky it seems as if we don’t actually feel Winter until about January and February. This year has definitely been one of those years. Over the past few weeks, though, I have definitely been getting my fix of the brisk mornings and frosted scenery.


Love Lou.


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