Friday Five

Hello everyone,

TGIF! I have SO MANY PLANS this weekend!

That being said, I’m feeling very random today, so how about a recap of my week through five fun facts.

1. I applied for graduation the other week for this May from my graduate program. Today I received the audit letter in the mail which proceeded to inform me that I still need to take two other classes. The same said classes that I had previously been approved by my advisor to substitute two other classes, which I did take. I’m really hoping this will not be an issue and I can still graduate in May as planned.

2. I’m feeling much better after my cold earlier in the week.

3. I have no homework this weekend to do. VERY exciting. I think I may celebrate by firmly planting my butt on the couch and seeing how long it takes to make a perfect indention.

4. I have also found a new outdoor running location I am excited to try for when the weather warms. The campus where I attend my night classes makes a great area for running. There are sidewalks, staircases, and even a duck pond. The public library is also located on the same campus and will suffice for a place for me to change into my workout gear after work. I loved running at the track before, but changing clothes has always been an issue because the bathrooms are usually locked. Not to mention, actually needing to GO to the bathroom! I may try running there this week if the weather is nice.

5. My husband has been selected to be the Godfather for our new niece and we are scheduled to attend her Christening tomorrow. Her Aunt will be her Godmother on her father’s side of the family. At first I was curious as to why my husband would be selected and I was not. Apparently, as part of the Catholic tradition (belief?) one Godparent must be Catholic as well. Neither me nor my husband are Catholic. So, I definitely learned something new today.

Hope all of you have a fabulous weekend!

-Love Lou.


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