Friday Five

Hello everyone!

So, very long time no blog. I know, I suck sometimes at this blogging thing. I have been super busy with finishing up my classes, but more on that in just a minute. After looking back at some of my last posts, Friday Five seems to be one of my favorite things. So shall we?

1. Boston. First and foremost, I am at a loss for the terrible tragedy, as well as the triumph that has fallen upon Boston this past week. Along with the rest of the world, I have watched the events unfold through the media throughout the week. As a runner, I share in the pain of the running community. As a U. S. citizen, I share in the pain of the country as our own fall victim to a terriorist attack. As I type this post tonight, they have only just minutes ago captured the last suspect. I felt as if I were standing there with the rest of the Boston community cheering on the police and law enforcement officials as they drove away. #WIN

2.New Workout Watch. After my birthday, and after receiving birthday moolah, I knew exactly what I wanted to spend my money on. I have been coveting buying a workout watch for a long time. I previously have used the Nike+ sensor and band to monitor my mileage while running. However, I did not have a heart rate monitor. In addition, one of the downfalls I felt about the Nike+ system, was the need to always by Nike+ compatible shoes for the sensor to fit into. After some research, I decided on the Garmine FR70 with the heart rate monitor and the footpod. After reading numerous reviews, it seems as if the major downfall to this watch was the difficulty users were experiencing when trying to push the stiff buttons. I took the plunge anyway, and hoped for the best. So far, I am in love! It is so great knowing that I have an accurate count for my calories now, when using the heart rate monitor. Although the buttons are difficult to push, I feel like this is intentional so the watch can be used during active workouts. Win!

3. Only 1 more week of class until they are officially over!! I can’t believe the day is almost here. I officially purchased my cap, gown, and honors tassels last week and now it feels so real. This week, I have been shopping for the perfect graduation dress to celebrate my special day. Although I have many other goals set for my future in obtaining licensure, this is one challenge that I can officially mark off my list in just a few more days!!

4. New goals. That being said, there are some new goals I have in mind. In particular  I have been looking into getting my NASM credentials for personal training. Being a personal trainer is something I have always “toyed” around with, but have never had the time to commit myself to doing. I am also interested in pursuing a Sport Psychology certification, but we shall see. Once I have graduated, this is something I am giving a lot of serious thought to doing. I’ll keep you posted!

5. Confession. After all week of being nice I have ate a Kit Kat bar and two Subway cookies this afternoon. And…they were freakin’ delicious!


What’s the tastiest thing you have ate lately?


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