Cue the Graduation March!

Hello everyone!

The days are winding down until my graduation. I can almost count them on two hands, now. It seems so surreal. So much so that I have started having those dreams, or should I say nightmares. In some of the dreams, I am in the Graduation procession, only to stand there as I watch everyone else being called to the front to accept their diploma. I’m left there standing and my name is never called. Horrifying! In another dream, I am back in class at the beginning with my entire class load and Master’s degree still in front of me.

I have been so consumed with the anticipation and worry that something will go wrong, that I  listened to my gut today. After attending my last class for my Multicultural Diversity course last night, I learned from another classmate that my Advisor had been “let go” from the department. Naturally, I was worried whether or no this would have any effect on me and my upcoming graduation.

First thing this morning, I contacted the school only to learn, indeed, there was an issue with my contract. It seems as if some of the courses I had substituted early on (with approval from my Advisor) still needed to be approved by the Department Chair. The lady on the phone assured me everything would be straightened out in time.

Long story, but the point is I must have amazing intuition AND some people need to get their rear in gear. I mean puuulease people, this is only my LIFE we’re talking about here!


I kid, I kid… Okay that’s my story and rant for the day. Needless to say, I am so grateful and excited to finally be finishing everything up for good. On a positive note, when I went to my Diversity class last night, I was expecting our professor to brief us about our Final for next week. Instead, he wrapped up class by thanking us for being such a great class and that was that! NO final! Hallelujah!



Happy Hump Day everyone!


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