A Few of My Favorite Things

Well this day has just flown by. I have finished with all my work today and now I’m just sitting back enjoying a mug of Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea and catching up on some blog reading. My tea is delicious and fruity and has inspired me to write a blog post about a few of my favorite things lately.

As a disclaimer let me state these products and companies have not reimbursed me or requested a review any way. I purchased these products myself and all thoughts and opinions are my own.


1. Stash tea.  A little while back I purchased the Herb and Green Tea sampler pack from Amazon. I know green tea has many amazing health benefits and reportedly helps to boosts metabolism, so I was looking for a green tea. However, I don’t really fancy the taste of regular green tea as a hot beverage. I like it cold, but I think it taste bitter when hot. So, when I discovered this sample pack I was looking for some type of fruity flavored green tea and this tea has definitely won me over. I love all the green tea flavors in the box: Matcha Mango, Gojiberry, and Pomegranate Raspberry. And I also love the herbal flavors: Yumberry Blackcurrant, Blueberry, and Acai Berry (probably my favorite out of the herbal variety).

2. Island Coconut Green Mountain coffee. I have to restock my stash of Keurig Vue cups almost once a month. I may or may not order 48 cups each time… I was SO EXCITED to see Green Mountain has added a new flavor for this month. The Island Coconut blend is a light roast coffee and is advertised as “Limited Edition”. It seemed as if it took forever for my coffee to arrived after I ordered. (It was really right on time, I was just so excited to try it, so it seemed to take longer! Funny how that works.) This blend is truly amazing. I am in love with the coconutty flavor and it absolutely tastes like an indulgence. I have been having a cup of this after dinner before my afternoon run. I’m already almost out! Must. Order. More.


3. Equate Whitening Trays. I love when people have beautiful smiles and gorgeous white teeth. Problem is, I love coffee more (see above). In preparation of my upcoming Graduation I decided to attempt whitening my teeth (for the pictures, duh!) Most name brand whitening methods are fairly pricey, not to mention, I really don’t like the strips. I’ve tried them before and I always feels as if they’re not really doing the job. They feel as if they don’t stay in place very well. So, I was excited to see Wal-Mart has come out with an affordable store brand version with whitening trays. Although you can definitely tell when I have these on because they’re not “invisible,” it’s really been a non issue. I simply pop these in as I’m getting ready for bed and winding down for the night with my book (or blogs) and take them out right before I fall asleep. I have been using them for two days so far and I can already see a difference!

4. Nair Face and Chin cream. Well, my late-twenties-approaching-early-thirties has definitely begun to show up. I have been noticing some very light, but clearly annoying, stray hairs show up on my chin area. Although they are barely noticeable, I know they’re there. They’re so fine I have been unable to successfully pluck them with tweezers. So, this past weekend I noticed the Nair products at the store and picked this one up. I have never tried any Nair or hair removal products aside from waxing (never ever again).


I was surprised about how easy it was to apply the product. I thought the product would burn while it sits on the skin, but it did not. I will say I had redness and sensitivity afterwards, but nothing my normal everyday makeup couldn’t camouflage. It worked great! The only complaint I had was that my skin did seem to start peeling about a day afterwards, but this might also have been because of the toner I was using. I recommend the product, but I definitely would moisturize afterwards and skip the toner for the next day or so on the naired area.


I hope all of you are having a great week!


Have you every tried any hair removal products? 

What’s your favorite Keurig coffee blend?


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