The Runner’s High

Hey everyone!

I just needed to get out a quick post and tell you guys something. I had the BEST RUN today! Like, seriously. Probably unlike any other I have ever had. I know about the “runner’s high” and I have experienced that multiple times. But today? You guys, it was AMAZING. I don’t even know how to describe it. The only thing I can say is that when I was running, I suddenly had this feeling like there was no pain, no fatigue, just nothing but sheer, elated bliss. 

It was so weird, because for a few minutes I didn’t even know what was happening. Was I getting sick? Well, I didn’t really feel sick. Was I about to pass out? Was I getting too hot? It was none of those things. I started trying to zone in on the feeling and try to figure out what it was and the only thing I could compare it to was how I have felt before (in some of my college days, ahem) when I have had a really good buzz from drinking a little too much. Almost like a feeling that my body was numb, and I didn’t care about anything else in that moment. I only wanted the feeling to last! 

I don’t know what was different about today. It was just a normal run, but that was the best endorphin rush I have had yet. I can’t help but wonder if my significant lack of stress this past week had something to do with it. Not only have I had a pretty easy day at work, but this is the first official week in nearly three years I have not had to think about classes or homework. Perhaps this could have been a factor in my extreme rush of endorphins?

Like I said, I really don’t know. I do know, I LOVE RUNNING! For all of you out there who have never experienced the “runner’s high” KEEP TRYING. Don’t give up. It is an amazing feeling and if you really let yourself just relax and enjoy the run, it will come!

That’s all I have today. Just wanted to share. Happy Friday!


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