Hello everyone,

In case you didn’t know today is National Running Day!

Just over 3 months ago, one of my dear coworkers was in a horrific car crash on her way home from work. What makes the story even worse, is that she was 8 months pregnant. She lost her baby, and after almost a dozen surgeries later, she is still in a wheelchair and in physical therapy. What makes the story even more important on this day, is that she IS a runner. I say is instead of was because I KNOW she is going to run again. When I run I think of her, and when I made this badge on Runningday.org all I could think about is how blessed I am to be able to get out there and hit the pavement. So this one was for you my dear friend!

I thought to celebrate the occasion, it might be fun to share with you all one of my favorite places to run. So, let’s take a tour!


My favorite place to run is at one of our local high schools. We don’t have any parks nearby that offer decent running paths, but this high school has a very park-like atmosphere and I love it.


It was very cloudy today, but I’m hoping you can still see how great this area is. There are lots of people that come here to get outdoors in the afternoon, although today it was fairly empty. Probably because it looked like it might rain any second.


There are many reason why I love this little spot, and one of them is the various different opportunities there are to challenge your workout. The parking lot area all the way around the school is half a mile, so it is easy to measure. Also, half of this path is a leisure down hill, while the other is a steady incline. It may not look like much, but I have come to know this incline as the “shin splinter”. If you’re not well, trained, you for sure will know it after one round on this up hill.


On the side of the school, there are these small staircases that make for a great step workout to add into the run. Sometimes I will develop a workout where I will alternate laps with putting about 25 of these stair-steps every other lap.


In the back of the school, there is a smaller parking lot. Most of the time, I will begin my workout here, completing about four smaller laps for a warm-up. Sometimes this also becomes an alternate running location if the parking lot still has a lot of vehicles in it. The distance is about .20 all the way around.


Also in the back of the school, there is a small porch area off the back of the school gym. I utilize this area when I want to get a mat workout in. I simply download workouts on my Kindle beforehand, and then bring my mat and setup here. Sometimes I’ll do a quick routine after my run, or just to get outdoors for a bit in the afternoons. I keep my mat in the car. If it rains while I”m running, I can always grab my mat and finish a quick workout and stay dry underneath the porch!


At some point during my workout, I typically head to the track for a bit, too. Depending on what I’m working on for the day, I may spend more or less time here. And yes, their mascot is the Jaguar if you haven’t figured it out yet.


They just resurfaced the track last summer, so it’s in great shape right now. Great for running!


Another thing I like about the track, is of course, the bleachers. If you want to get in a challenging workout, just add stair climbing. I haven’t quite worked up to this yet this Summer, but the other day I saw an elderly man, probably in his 70’s KILLING IT! Definitely motivating and inspiring!


Today’s workout was great. A steady 3 miles, keep in mind the time on my Garmin also includes walking time. I don’t really differentiate right now because I’m not particularly training for anything at the moment. Just running to run!



Did you do anything to celebrate National Running Day today?

What do you run for? 


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