Monday, Monday.

Hello friends!

So, it’s been a few days. Last week I definitely had a case of the blahs. Anyone else? I got a walk in on Monday afternoon of last week, but after that things went down hill. I just didn’t feel motivated to do anything! So yes, I pretty much chalked it up to my body and mind desiring a break and I spent almost every afternoon snuggled on the sofa with Chester, catching up on the rest of Supernatural on Netflix. This followed by not really sticking to any particular plan for eating, which eventually led to 2 orders of Cinnesnacks (AKA crack stuffed in dough) from Sonic, Captain D’s, and various other unplanned snacks throughout the week. It was very glutinous glorious to say the least.

But alas, it is Monday once again and we all get the opportunity to start new and fresh, washing away the sins of the past! To help me get back on track this week and try to make the most out of the Summer, I have created an action plan for motivation.


Dinner – Crockpot Barbeque Chicken sandwich with sandwich thins; fresh snap peas (from our garden); Pineapple Creek Chobani yogurt.

Workout – 2.0 mile easy run; body weight circuit workout

Post run snack – Pineapple Greek Yogurt with puffed rice cereal.


Dinner – Leftovers; raw veggies.

Workout – F/X class at the gym; 30 min walk

Post workout snack – Green smoothie with spinach, 1/2 scoop protein powder, banana, ice


Dinner – Salmon, Sweet Potato w/ Greek Yogurt, fresh snap peas

Workout – Run 3.0 miles; body weight circuit workout

Post workout snack – Pineapple greek yogurt with puffed rice.

Thursday :

Dinner – Turkey Sausage with roasted red pepper cous cous and pepper and onion stir fry.

Run – 3.5 miles; 20 min walk.

Post run snack – Tropical Smoothie

Friday –  Visiting family, have dinner there.

Saturday – Visiting family, have dinner there.


Dinner – Wing it.

Workout – Cycling 1 Hr

So that’s the plan! As far as the body weight circuit workouts go, I will probably find some pre-made workouts from Pinterest or something. If I can remember, I will update in another post this week for the workouts I found. Hope everybody is off to a great start in the week. Catch up with you later!

What ideas do you have for motivation?


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