What KIND of runner are you?

Hello everyone,

As you all know, I am a runner. I have already spoken on the subject several times on this little blogspace: here, here, and here. Not only do I love the sport of running, but I love having the heart of a runner.


Runners are courageous, taking on challenges that we never thought possible, running distances unimaginable. Runners encourage, pushing others to be the best version of themselves. Runners are supportive,  being there for those who make great leaps to those who are taking the first small step. Runners endure, withstanding some of the harshest circumstances, but finding the strength to persevere through the last mile. Runners advocate, pulling together to help others, raising awareness through movements and campaigns with race after devoted race. Lastly, runners are kind, often willing to reach out in more ways than one to help those in need.


It is this reason I come to you today to help spread a new idea and movement.  Kindrunner.com is a new organization, which encompasses the very best aspects of the runner’s heart, especially those traits of having an encouraging, supportive, and kind attitude.

Did you know, you are supposed to retire your running shoes after approximately 300 – 500 miles of use? If you’re an avid runner, then you know what a difference having quality shoes makes in your running, so you likely have worked your way through several pairs of shoes. Most of the time, these shoes turn into our “everyday” shoes. In my case, these shoes generally turn into my work-in-the-garden shoes. But lately, I have found myself with a few too many work-in-the-garden shoes. Even though I recently purchased new running shoes, what am I to do with my old ones? Most running shoes are made of high quality and meant to withstand many miles of running, and for that reason, are usually still appropriate and wearable once they have been retired from running . But again, one can only have so many work-in-the-garden shoes. Once these shoes are tossed into the garbage, they often will spend the rest of their shoe lives in a landfill…..for the next 50 years (source).


So this is where Kindrunner.com steps in. I have been granted the tremendous opportunity to partner with this remarkable campaign to help promote and share their vision. From their website:

Only a select number of shoes avoid the fate of the landfill and are appropriated as recycled rubber material for flooring, synthetic turf, or track surfacing. Kindrunner hopes to find a highly-functional alternative to both options—one that extends the active life of shoes by donating them to people in need for re-use, worn to their fullest potential. We understand that it’s important to give back to people in some of the very same developing countries whose resources contribute to our shoes. Runners are a socially and ecologically-aware group, surely fit to spearhead a new humanitarian initiative that makes a positive impact on the environment! The Kindrunner Revolution has begun…

The idea is simple really. Once you have “retired” your running shoes, you send Kindrunner.com your old shoes, and they credit you with $10 in Kindness Cash Rewards. Kindness Cash can be used towards the purchase of another pair of shoes or merchandise right away, or can be stored on your account to accumulate. Your old shoes are then donated for others in need to use. You can learn more about the process here.

Some of the most notable features of this program are:

– Kindness Cash Rewards – $10 credit for each “retired” shoe received (in original packaging). Can be used towards another purchase from Kindrunner.com. These rewards never expire unless the account is inactive for more than 12 months.

– Free 3 way shipping. Kindrunner.com will send a pre-paid shipping label to you for your “retired” shoes in the original packaging. You can then send your shoes to Kindrunner for free. Shipping is free for your new purchase of running shoes from Kindrunner.com. If you are not 100% satisfied, reasonably unworn shoes can be returned for free within 365 days of purchase.

– Experienced staff. The members behind Kindrunner.com are all experienced runners, with in-depth knowledge of the sport and the need for quality products and service.

– In-depth gait analysis. They offer an analysis to customers that is traditional with running stores to match each runner to the perfect running shoe. All from the comfort of your own home!

– Each product they care comes with an “expert product review video” which provides a description of the product and provides alternatives.

– They are partnered with many beloved brands including (but not limited): Oasics, Brooks, New Balance, Garmin, Clif Bar, Saucony, etc. etc. (The list really is endless!)

Once again, I am so grateful and enthusiastic for this opportunity. Not only because I love standing behind a good brand, but because I, too, want to help all that I can in reducing our carbon footprint on Mother Nature. I want to be able to help all of those less fortunate than myself. Most of all, I want to continue to represent runners everywhere and the Runner’s heart.


What KIND of runner are you?


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