Hey, hey!

Guess what I’m doing today? If you guess at work, you’d be wrong! After a MLK three-day weekend, my break has been a bit extended. I’m at home today with a sick hubby and am pampering him to the fullest extent AND I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enjoying a little extra time off. 

Even better, my extra day off has turned into a SNOW DAY! It is coming down here in Kentucky and it is absolutely beautiful. I don’t think it’s really supposed to stick or anything, but it is lovely nonetheless. I am hoping it clears up more by this afternoon as I have rehearsal practice with the regional choir this evening.

Speaking of, the Regional Choir is a community choir I decided to join last week as one of my resolutions for this year. Throughout Middle School, High School, and College I was a very active member in a multitude of choirs. Fun Fact: I was a vocal major in college for the first two years before changing to Psychology! Anyway, I have missed so much having music be a part of my life when it was for so long. Now that I have a little more free time since I graduated, I wanted to get involved in music again. Our first rehearsal for our Valentine Concert was last week, and we have only three to go after today!

Well, I’m off to enjoy this snowy day catching up on some Being Human episodes from Hulu. Love that show!


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