Beauty Products I Love to Hate

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This is going to be a random post, but I felt inspired to share after I read Julie’s product fails. As I was reading through some of the products she listed which just didn’t quite live up to their hype, I knew there were some I could also add to this list. Again, keep in mind, this is my own experience of these products and although I did not enjoy them, it does not necessarily mean they won’t work for you.


1. Aussie MEGA Hairspray



My hair is very fine and I struggle with keeping volume in my hair. I love a hairspray which is a little stiffer and actually holds all day long. This hairspray promised to have maximum hold. However, I found it did very little for my hair. Almost immediately after using the product, my hair still felt and looked as lifeless as it did before.



2. 3 Step Clinique Skincare

I love Clinique products and I am very fond of their bonus time specials they have. I ALWAYS purchase something during the bonus time in order to get the free products. One friend of mine swears by their 3 step skincare system and during the last bonus sale they had, I felt compelled to try it myself. To purchase a cleanser, toner, and lotion it was quite expensive, as their products are more of a “high end” line. After shelling out so much money, you can imagine my disappointment when I did not notice any difference in my skin, even after several weeks of use. In fact, I felt as if these products did not work as well as my favorite drugstore brand, the Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash. I’ve been using it for years and it works great!


3. Essie Nail Polish

shearling darling - reds By Essie

Again, this is a product that many people swear by. While I love many of the colors of these polishes, the formula just does not work for me. I find the brush on these polishes too thin and the formula does not seem to have a great consistency in application. I find I have to use several coats to achieve a finished look. Compared to other polishes I have used, I believe these polishes are not as good as my favorite OPI and China Glaze. Another pet peeve about these polishes – the size and price. For such a small bottle, many of the Essie polishes run anywhere from $7 – $9! That’s crazy for a drugstore brand!


4. Great Lash Mascara

maybelline great lash


This is a product Julie listed, as well, and I have to agree. Just as she pointed out, I see this product recommended all the time in many popular magazines and it has been around for a hundred years. However, I tried this product once and I felt it left my lashes skinny and spidery looking (yes, spidery is an adjective when referring to lashes.) I have wanted to love this product, but I just don’t.


5. Pantene Pro-V Volumizing 2 in 1


I actually DO use the regular Shampoo and Conditioner in Pantene Pro-V Volumizing line everyday and love them! So, as a time-saver, I thought this product would be a great option. My two favorite products in one, what’s not to love!? Unfortunately, whenever I use the 2-in-1, my hair is a STATIC BOMB the rest of the day. My hair is also very easily tangled after using this product. I am hoping to find a 2-in-1 that does work, so I can save time in the morning at the gym!


What about you guys, any products you love to hate?


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