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Hello everyone and welcome to another Monday! Thanks to President’s Day I am OFF of work today and enjoying a day at home, plus getting a few other things done. Grocery shopping, laundry, etc. Oh the joys of adulthood!

I discovered a couple of great, new-to-me workout apps lately, so I thought I would share some of these, plus a few more I have on my phone to keep me motivated. I love these types of apps that have already got preprogrammed routines for when I just don’t know what I want to do at the gym, or when I am looking for something different to spice up my routine. These are all FREE and can be found in the iTunes app store. Some may also be available for android phones, though I have not checked. 

Nike Training Club

<strong>Nike Training Club:</strong> (free; iTunes Store) Create a playlist from your library to sync with one of 73 "coached" circuit routines (or let the app do it for you). We appreciated the countdown toward the end of each set -- it kept us going during the final excruciating seconds of muscle-shaking moves like plank. (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)

This is another app I use at least weekly. This is a database full of various workouts tailored towards increasing strength, tone, cardio, etc. The workouts are great because they not only demonstrate how to complete the exercise, but they also time how long you should be doing each one. I love this app for when I have nothing planned for my workout or simply want something different. Workouts are based on Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced levels.



Gymboss Interval Timer App - Free  #bodyrock #gymboss #intervaltimer

You have probably heard of these handy little interval timer devices. They are great for completing tabata workouts. Guess what? You don’t need to spend the extra money to buy a timer! You can download the app for FREE on your phone and it has the same features!



jefit icon

This app is designed by serious bodybuilders and boast the “largest workout” database. It is full of all types of strength building workouts. It is customizable and will allow the user to format and save workouts. The app also allows for demonstrations of each exercise to help train the user on form.


Skimble Workout Trainer


Again, another great workout app with tons of different bodyweight and free weight workouts. This app also gives you video demonstration of each exercise. Select a trainer to help with voice motivation and direction. The workouts give you the option of timed workouts to ensure you are completing each set for the appropriate amount of time.


Bodyspace from


Once again another great app that is comprehensive in offering a wide variety of different exercises for hitting every zone of your body. The app is also great because if you have a Bodyspace account on, then you can sync your workouts with your account.


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