Meal Plan Monday #1

Hello everyone!

I know I’ve been a bit of an absence the last week or so, but our little family has been going through a bit of an adjustment period as we adapt to a new schedule. My hubby recently got a new job and it has definitely shifted things around here a bit. But we are so happy and excited for him! Although I can’t say specifically what he will be doing for security and safety reasons, I will say it’s definitely something we have both been hoping and waiting for, for a long time!

Anyway, on to what I have to share with all of you today. I thought I would start a new little segment on here to show all of you how I get ready for each week. In order to make sure I stick with my meal plan and exercise routine, I tend to plan out ahead of time what I want the week to look like. This helps me stay on track all week, plus it helps me to develop a grocery list for the week.

Here’s what this week looked like.



Here are the links to the highlighted items (If anyone knows how I can design an image WITH the hyperlinks intact, let me know!):


I may not always stick to this precisely. For example, if I don’t feel like having Sloppy Joes on Monday, then we may have the Turkey Meatloaf that day instead. But this chart definitely makes it easier when I already know what we’re going to be having for the week. I can even make some preps the night before and I often prepare all of my breakfasts and lunches for the week on Sunday. Fail to Plan and Plan to Fail, right? Also, this week will include two Subway nights simply because we have some busy afternoons this week, but typically I just make one Subway visit a week. A gal needs a break once in a while, right? 

Let me know if you guys like these! I may do another one next week.

P.S. WHY have I never tried Acorn Squash before. A little cinnamon and maple syrup and OMG AHHmazing!


Do you often plan out meals or do any meal prep for the week?

What’s your favorite vegetable?


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