Summer Ready with LiveFit

Hello everyone!


Here we are, almost Friday again! Stoked!!

I have decided, with some thought, I want to switch up my workout routine a bit. Although I have been working out every week, I have had little direction as far as any specific goals I’m working towards. Well, it’s definitely starting to feel more like Spring around here and Spring has a way of turning into Summer! And I don’t know about the rest of you, but I want to be fit and toned for bathing suit weather.

After some research, I think I want to give Jamie Eason’s Livefit Trainer a try. I have heard lots of amazing things about this workout challenge and I think it would be perfect for helping me reach the goals I’m aiming towards.

Jamie Eason's Livefit Trainer


The one thing I don’t necessarily like about this plan is it does not include any cardio for the first Phase (4 weeks long!) I just don’t think I could go that long without my beloved cardio. The idea behind this is so the participant can build muscle during this phase and then incorporate cardio later to “lean out.” While I don’t plan on giving up cardio completely, I will be scaling it back a bit with no more than 2 – 5 mile runs per week and no more than 20 minute sessions on the cardio equipment at the gym. In addition, I will not be following the meal plan she has listed for the program. This may seem counterproductive, but I feel I already aim to eat clean, whole foods in my diet everyday. I feel as if my diet plan does not need to change all that much. Instead, I will be focusing on the 40/40/20 macros (40% healthy carbs; 40% lean protein; 20% healthy fats), while also focusing on 5 – 6 small meals a day.

I decided to try a fitness program because I need a specific goal to work towards, something that can be measurable. With this program, I will know exactly what workouts to do every week and be able to measure my results along the way. I plan to keep you guys posted at different times throughout as a means to keep me accountable! I’m starting next week, so wish me luck!


What fitness programs have you tried lately?

What programs/plans have you tried which yielded the best results?


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