Runner Safety Products

Although I always hate the actual day we “spring forward” on the clock, I absolutely love having more daylight in the afternoons. These later days definitely have me wanting to get out more in the afternoons for a run to work off some stress after a long day. That said, I think it is also a good time to note some basics for running safety. In particular, there are a lot of investments and devices which can help make your run even safer. Here are a few items I suggest for running safely.


Runner Safety Products

1. Hide-a-Key

A Hide-a-Key is a small magnetic box or something similar you can purchase to slide your car key into and hide it underneath your car. These are usually very inexpensive and can be picked up at most stores. A Hide-a-Key is useful so you can store your key underneath of your car instead of having it on you while you run. If you run with your key in your pocket, you might risk losing it. If you’re out alone, especially if it’s nearing dark, then this might become a safety issue if you suddenly find yourself locked out of your car.

2. Medical Alert Bracelet

A Medical Alert Bracelet is great for someone who has any type of medical condition. For example, if you have asthma and you’re out running alone and collapse, a bracelet will help alert the first responder to what might be the problem. This can definitely save time in trying to assist or provide first aid as quickly as possible. These are available for many conditions and you can find a wide variety of these online in varying styles and prices. I found the one above on Amazon and it claims to be waterproof and for everyday use. It is Velcro and seems as if it would be very comfortable to wear while being active. Here is the link.

3.  Jogger’s Baton


  While not for the feint of heart, I absolutely love this baton. I have one of these myself and it definitely makes me feel more confident while running. The baton is a defense weapon and it folds down small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This style has a holster which fits around your hand for easy carry while running. If an attacker attempts to assault you while running, you can simply swing the baton out to it’s full extension (just over a foot) and use it as a defense. I think this would also be helpful if you were to be attacked by a dog. This is also available on Amazon.

4. Tactical Pen

This device is another defense weapon. It is as small as a writing pen and extremely light weight. Again not for the feint of heart. The pen is used to jab someone in the soft spots of their skull, such as the eye socket or the temple. It most surely would be effective if used on an attacker. This device would be great if you find carrying something like the Jogger’s Baton to be too cumbersome. The Tactical Pen could easily be carried inside a sports bra or even a running belt for easy access.

5. ID/Emergency Contact/Cell Phone

As another precaution, you may want to consider carrying with you an ID card, as well as a card with some emergency contacts. I like to carry my most recent expired Driver’s License with me. Also, consider gathering a small list of emergency contacts such as your spouse, sibling, etc and having these laminated. The lamination will prevent the ink from smudging if sweat or other liquids spill on the list. Once again these are all good precautions to take in case you collapse while on your run. The first responder will automatically know your name and be able to call one of your contacts to alert them. I like to carry these items in a small belt, like the Spi Belt, which is light weight, but has an expanding pocket in which these items fit. You can also keep your cell phone in the pouch.

Disclaimer: None of these items were sponsored by the manufactures or any other company. The opinions and recommendations I have shared are simply my own and I have not been paid for this post.


What do you do to ensure your safety while running?

Are there any other devices/products your recommend?


2 thoughts on “Runner Safety Products

    • Thank you Sarah! I live in rural KY where running on an empty road/path is not uncommon. A couple of years ago a female runner was killed while out alone just less than 30 minutes from where I live. Scary stuff!!


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