Photo Finish Friday #6

Well, this Photo Finish is a little delayed, but for good reason! I have spent the last 24 hours meeting some amazing new people at the Psyching Team experience (as well as freezing my butt off!) Here are some photos to share from my week, as well as some from the race and Psyching Team. I’ll be back in a couple of days with a full recap. Have a great weekend!

Mixed it up a bit and decided to make protein waffles instead of pancakes. Somehow this actually made MORE waffles instead of pancakes, even though it was the same batter. WIN! Also, the amazing Apricot Chicken dish from the Meal Plan earlier this week paired with steamed veggies. So good!


These amazing Oat Bran Breakfast Cookies. Recipe coming soon!

Collage 1

I cleaned out and reorganized the freezer! We had SO MUCH stuff in there I had no idea what we even had. Now all of the frozen leftovers are on the top shelf, meats on the second, veggies (so many!) on the next, and the drawer on the bottom has the hubby’s Hot Pockets, Pizza Rolls, etc. The door contains breads and frozen fruits. So nice to know exactly where everything is!


I thought I was coming down with something last weekend, so I made sure to drink down lots of Emergen-C! It must have worked. After about a day of dragging around and feeling super tired, I felt back to normal the next day. FYI, this stuff tastes super nasty, but hey, if it works I’ll take it!


And while digging around in the cabinet trying to find the Emergen-C, I found this amazing iced tea. I forgot I had this, so I have been re-enjoying this all over again this week.



Then there were these guys hanging out in the parking lot as I was leaving work the other day.


Rue La La is having an amazing sale on the Blue Apron. If you haven’t heard of Blue Apron you should check them out. I have seen this company getting rave reviews in the Blogosphere and have been wanting to try some of their meals. Perfect timing for the sale PLUS when I logged into my account I discovered I had a $25 credit. WIN!


And here I am at the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon with the Psyching Team! (Full recap to come.)


And this face to finish out the post. Love him so much!


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