National HIGH-5 Day!

Hello everyone!




I think this is such a great idea. High-5’s to anyone and everyone you meet. I believe “high-5’s” have become a very important part of our culture. I often see parent’s teaching their young toddlers how to give a “high-5” before they learn a lot of other things in life, including talking and walking. And it’s also not uncommon to see owner’s teaching their fur-babies how to give the “paw-5!” So fun!

Whether it’s to boost morale, encouragement, or motivation, the movement has a great idea behind it. You can click the picture above to go to the website and check out all the fun High-5 stuff going on today.


So, HIGH-5 to all of my blogging buddies and readers out there today! I hope you all have a great and wonderful day and make sure to give someone in your path today a “high-5” as well!


Who will you give a High-5 to today?


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