Resolutions 2015

Hello all and Happy New Year!


The blogging bug has bit me again and I’ve been feeling the itch to write again, so here I am! If you’re still here from before, then I apologize for the gap in posts. Life gets in the way sometimes, and well, since this is just a hobby, that’s what I like to keep it as for now. Just as something that I WANT to do, not something I HAVE to do.

So, I thought we would start off this New Year with resolutions. I know a lot of people really don’t like setting resolutions, and I can totally see why. In my counseling practice, I often advise my clients to use the S.M.A.R.T. approach to goal setting, rather than broad, general resolutions. BUT, I also think having a specific time of year to look back and reevaluate goals from the previous year can help you to understand WHERE to make the changes in your strategy in tackling your goals for the next year. And what better time of year to look back, before looking forward than the New Year!


Resolutions/Goals Recap 2014

Here is a look back at my goals from last year.

– Volunteer at the local OPAC center. Oops, nope didn’t happen.

– Run 10 miles. Good effort, but no, didn’t make it.

– Become a morning workout person. I did this for awhile last year and it was a success! After the time changed again in the Spring and it began getting dark later, I switched back to afternoon workouts. This year my schedule did not permit morning workouts, as I would have had to get up at 3:30 a.m. to do so. Not impossible, but not something I wanted to do. So I’m back to evening workouts, which work for me right now. It feels good to know that I CAN be a morning workout person, though! Checkout my tips for how I made the change.

-Get involved in music again. I participated in a the Union College Community Choir back in January/February last year and had an amazing time! And while I SO wanted to continue as a member, the commute to rehearsal just proved to be too long for this working woman. It was 40 minutes one-way and I just couldn’t hack it after a long work day. I still want to find a way to get involved in music again, but right now just the time isn’t right.

-Run a race.  While I slacked on writing here on the blog after April of last year, I did continue to try and train for a half marathon set to take place in the Fall. However, I developed a nasty Bronchitis and was ordered by the doctor to take time off. That said,  a running race never happened. But I DID get the chance to participate in several organized bike rides and they were a blast! My half marathon training for this year begins next week (!) but more on that later.

– Go on an overnight hike/camping trip. Nope. Didn’t get to do this either.

-Travel to a new place. I was blessed with the opportunity to travel to Denver, CO on a business trip with my job in May of last year! Although I was sent there once before with work, this time I focused on visiting all the places I didn’t get to last time. The husband couldn’t come due to his work schedule, but I was able to take my Mama and we had a blast playing tourist to different places such as Pike’s Peak, Manitou Village, Celestial Seasonings Tea Factory, and more. A trip of a lifetime! Sidenote: I have discovered Colorado WILL be my retirement home one day. Absolutely breathtaking!

                                                                                      IMG_0709 IMG_0740

-Organize EVERYTHING in my house. Not so much…

– Read at least 24 books this year. Nope…didn’t make it. I think I read like 5…maybe.

– Apply to take the Licensed Professional Counseling exam. Big NOPE again.

– Ride my bike more and hopefully join our local bike club. As I mentioned above. I had several bike rides throughout the year last and discovered cycling as a new love of mine! I participated in the Red Bud Ride last April, and then both the Preservation Pedal and the Thriller Ride with my bestie. Can’t wait to sign up for more this year!



Resolutions/Goals 2015

As you can see, there were lots of my goals I actually made a dent in and had a great time marking those off my checklist. Through the process of reevaluating these goals, I can see there are some I did not quite tackle like I had planned, and you’ll see below many have made it on my resolution/goal list for this year. So here they are:


– Organize EVERYTHING in my house. I’ve decided to make this more specific by planning out monthly at least a couple of projects each week to take on. Last weekend was take down the Christmas tree and organize a Mailing/Filing system. Check and CHECK!

– Read at least 12 books. Well, turns out 24 was a little ambitious for me. This year I will aim for 12, which is 1 a month and then if I read more, great! I already have a jump on this because I read the first two books from the Maze Runner Trilogy over the last 2 weeks. So good!

– Consistently Attend Book Group. I belong to a local book group at the library for 20 – 30 Something’s and I LOVE going, but I’m also really bad at going… So, gonna definitely try to be more consistent with my attendance this year!

– Apply to take the Licensed Professional Counseling exam. Yea…still need to do this… #procrastinator

– Launch Private Practice. More to come about this, but I am SOOOO excited!!

– Hike more. Last Fall I began to organize a women’s only hiking group on Facebook local to my area. Well, it has a HUGE following now and we have yet to take a hike. Whoops! This year I am hoping to map us out some hikes for at least one a month. I’ll be sure to share this on the blog, too!

– Volunteer. Last year I had it on the agenda to volunteer at the OPAC center. Although I never made it there, I DID volunteer at the Bluegrass Half Marathon last year, and also through my work there were several volunteer opportunities. This year I would like to continue with volunteering. In December, I was nominated and elected to sit on the Alumni Board at University of the Cumberlands, where I received my Bachelor’s Degree! I am excited to see what this holds in store for the future!

– Bike more. As I mentioned above, I had a blast getting into cycling last year and I plan to participate in even more biking events this year!

– New House! Need I say more? We’re house hunting for our very first home!! We rent right now. Hoping to find something by the Summer. Keeping our fingers crossed!

– Run a Half Marathon. Like I said above, running a race last year didn’t happen, but I’ve already got my sights set on some races for this year. Stay tuned!

– Enroll for my Eating Disorders and Obesity Certificate. I am going to write more on this in another post, but I have plans to pursue a graduate certificate this year as a way to specialize my career a bit more. Pumped!

– Blog More. Again, I think this is a given. I love blogging, but I am really bad at being consistent. I’ve decided a schedule may help more. Right now I’m looking at posting on Mondays with a more serious or informational article and Friday’s will be reserved for Photo Finish Friday.


So there they are!

What resolutions do you have for this year?

What’s your favorite way to measure your progress and decide on new goals?


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