Training for my First Half Marathon (part 1)

Hey all,

So as I mentioned previously, I am training for a Half-Marathon! The Run the Bluegrass Half to be exact. If you remember, last year I volunteered on a Psyching Team at this half and it was a blustery Winter day. I remember thinking I would have been warmer if I were running! So, this year I’m taking on the challenge. I thought in this post I would let all of you in on how I plan to execute training for the half.

I have a pretty good running base down, as I’ve been running about 6 miles a week consistently for awhile. I felt it would be no problem for me to start an 8 week running plan. My second consideration was the amount of time I wanted to invest in running each week, while also being able to properly train. Because I work full time as an addictions counselor, I really wanted a training plan that had me running  no more than 3 days a week. I settled on this one from Runner’s World. I’m also adding a day of cross training, which will mostly be a full body strength day at the gym. I plan on following Lauren Gleisberg every week for these workouts. I LOVE that she posts a different upper and lower body workouts every week, along with lots of other great workouts.




I’m off to a good start! Last week was my first week of training and I was able to knock out all 3 of my running days this week. I completed the speed work and tempo runs at the gym on the treadmill a couple of afternoons after work and the long run outside in the beautiful sunshine on Saturday. Here are some views from along the way.

My run started at our local library campus which is also home to a beautiful pond. The melting ice on the water was absolutely gorgeous in the sunlight.




And then my route had me running along the countryside.



Hello horses!017faf4bac9ba10fbff892339f79bf26b28db8b8f8

I ran all the way up through town and made a stop at our local coffee shop, Brie’s Brews. I was parched and SO glad they were still open. I barely squeaked in with 20 minutes left before closing! I had a refreshing iced Blueberry Tea, which I sipped on as I walked back to the library. 



Total mileage was 7.35, with 4.00 miles running distance. I forgot to snap a pic of my watch. I wasn’t really focused on time on this run, since this was supposed to be my easy run of the week. I think it went great, but I could definitely feel it in my quads and hamstrings on the walk back. I wasn’t too sore the next day, though.


So, that’s my first week of training. I’ll pop in with updates from time to time to let you guys know how it’s going!

What does your training calendar look like for this year?

Do you prefer to run in the country or in town?


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