Photo Finish Friday #9

Well hello again and HAPPY FRIDAY!!


This was lunch from Tuesday and is pretty much lunch EVERY Tuesday. Tuesdays at work, I have no access to a refrigerator. Instead of packing a salad or something similar, I almost always pack a PB&J, baby carrots and an apple. Interesting fact: I almost always eat my carrots first, apple second and the sandwich last. I know, I’m weird that way.


This week, a friend of mine who is in grad school for her Counseling degree asked me to help her with her homework. She was in a panic because it is for a Statistics class and she told me if she does badly on this assignment, she’s at risk for a low grade in the class. If she doesn’t pass the class, she doesn’t graduate and then she soon will be out of a job because her employer has given her a timeframe to earn her Master’s degree. So, OF COURSE I agreed to help her out! While it’s been fun revisiting some of the work I used to do for college, it’s definitely made me even that much more thankful that I graduated and am finished with schooling…at least for now. Winking smile 0162a08921af15e76972407a5790e13ab596464b7f

I completed a tempo run for my half marathon training today and WHEW, was it brutal! I did an upper and lower body strength workout yesterday and then planned to tackle the 4 mile tempo run today, but I underestimated how difficult it would be on already tired legs. I made it through, but I definitely struggled! I followed the below workout I found on Pinterest very loosely. I scaled the workout back by starting out at 4.5 instead of the 5.5 on the routine, and carried this same pattern throughout. For example, speed 6 became 5, and speed 6.5 became 5.5. I held pretty strong until I got to about the 5.7 (6.7) speed and then I really had to alter the workout. Instead of getting discouraged on the fact that I was unable to finish this workout as written, I chose to see that I have improved since last week in that I had a longer and tougher tempo run than last week. I also focused on the fact that I have completed ALL my half marathon training days so far. How’s that for positive and motivational thinking?!


And because I don’t have a lot of photos for you this week, how about some interesting articles and other things that I ran across while wasting time on the web this week. Smile

This article from Prosource about Lactate Threshold. Good information to know for tempo runs!

An interesting read about the Biggest Loser.

This stinking adorable video. I can’t get enough!


Hope you all have a great weekend! See you Monday!


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