Run the Bluegrass 2015 – (First Half Marathon)

Hello everyone! It is Monday when this goes out, but I actually spent time typing this up over the weekend. How was all of your’s? I thought we would get started this week with a bit of a catch-up. You might remember I posted a while back about training for the Run the Bluegrass Half Marathon. This is the same race I volunteered for last year as a member of a Psyching Team. What a great experience!

Well, I had intended on sharing more of my training with you here, but I found myself overwhelmed with training for the half while also working on my practice. As a result, I had to take a break from the blog temporarily. So let’s regroup and let me start by sharing, I completed the half marathon!


The morning started extremely early and VERY cold. It was 21 degrees!! After such a warm week, I definitely was feeling the cold temps. I was a little nervous at the start not really knowing what to expect. I knew once I started running I would appreciate the cold, but I definitely had to bundle up. I ran the race with a couple of my besties. These photos were taken just before the race started.

11102771_685572336852_7225623655113027093_n 11018580_1101617556531300_2255934591283481645_n

And we’re off!


I was very fortunate the day was so beautiful. Nothing but clear skies. After just a few minutes on the route, I instantly started to feel warmer and soon appreciated the cold. At 4 miles in, I was still feeling strong and confident. I really enjoyed all the dogs accompanying their owners while running.


The route was advertised as having “rolling hills” and by mile 6, I was definitely starting to feel those hills.


I tried to distract myself with all the beautiful scenery. It was easy to see why they call this race “America’s Prettiest Half-Marathon”. The landscape of all the horse farms and ritzy homes was absolutely breath-taking! I found myself already contemplating signing up again for next year.


At mile 10, I was really starting to suffer. In all my training, I would hit a wall at 10 miles. Also, in my training, I had never quite made it past 10 miles. I knew if I made it 10 miles, then the adrenaline of the race and my determination could pull me through just over 3 more (right??). I deemed Mile 10 the Why-the-f-did-I-do-this mile, because that’s exactly what I was thinking.


But I was able to push on. I sent a few text out to some of my friends and family that were standing by to give me text support. I call this the Phone-a-Friend tactic and it definitely helped! They sent supportive and encouraging texts I could read right on my phone while I was on the course.


Before I knew it, mile 12 was here and I almost had an emotional breakdown. Words can’t describe the feeling of realizing I had run further than I had ever run before and I was definitely going to finish the race. I decided to push through and finish strong!


And we did it!


My final time was around 3:06. I realize that’s nothing to brag about, but for me, my only goals for this first half-marathon were to finish and to not walk. I accomplished both those things so I am proud! Plus, this gives me a good foundation for improvement. I definitely want to get better and faster.


There’s already a couple of races I have planned out to run this Summer. Run the Bluegrass was part of a series of races and if I run the next two in the series there is a medal for all three! We’ll see, we’ll see… In the meantime, I may never take this off!


See you soon!

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