Summer 2015 – Race Season (part 1)

Hello all,

I thought I would check in for the week and see how everybody is doing. This week has been super busy for me. My husband and I are in the middle of packing because we are moving and the deadline is approaching quickly! May 1st!! I think I have a good start. I had a goal of packing 1 box a day in April, and at the 2nd weekend of April I found myself about 10 boxes behind… yikes! I have made better progress this week. It is the 18th as I type this and I have officially packed 11 boxes. There is about 3 boxes worth of items we have decided to sell or donate, and my husband still needs to pack up some of his crap stuff. Considering all of that I’m going to say I have 14 boxes packed. 🙂

Anyway, on to the other reason I’m check in today. Since completing the Run the Bluegrass about a month ago, I’ve found myself in a bit of a dilemma. Not long after completing the race I discovered it is part of a series of races this summer, the Bluegrass Triple Crown Challenge. If I can complete all three races, then I not only get the medal for each individual race, but also a specialty medal for completing all three in the series. Yea, yea, I know, it’s just a medal. But there is something about the challenge!

Bluegrass Triple Crown Challenge 2015 CMYK

Problem is, the first race is just under a month away. It is the Horse Capitol Marathon & Half on May 16th. This would definitely require me to step up my training to keep up with being able to run another half. I have sketched out a running schedule that will lead up to the half. However, the other problem is I’m having some knee pain…  It is in my right knee and is mostly on the side. It doesn’t hurt all of the time, but actually feels kind of stiff and like it needs to pop most of the time. I’m hoping it’s just a bit of “runner’s knee” and that it will subside with a couple of weeks of lower mileage runs. I’m not set to increase runs until next weekend, so we’ll see how it goes until then.

Horse Capital Marathon & Half Marathon

The other race is the Bourbon Derby Half Marathon scheduled for June 13th, approximately one month after the Horse Capitol Half. This again wouldn’t leave a lot of time in between races, but still doable. Just look at how gorgeous the Triple Crown Medal is!!

I’ll keep you guys posted with what I decide. I have 6 miles on the agenda today as part of my first longish run on my revised training plan for the next half. I’ve labeled this “part 1” of 2015 Summer race season, because I also have some others on the agenda, including some cycling tours and races, so I hope to share those with you, as well. In between packing, my practice and training, I’m going to be busy, busy! See you soon!

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