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Hello everyone!

Happy Monday, at least I’m trying to make it one. I spent my weekend getting in a couple of runs. The weather here in Kentucky has been amazing the last couple of days! Low humidity, sunshine and low summer temps. My kind of day!


Over the weekend I worked on developing a Newsletter for Madden Wellness, so I thought I would share with all of you the contents of the newsletter here. It is a round-up of all the articles I found of interest on the web in the last few weeks. I usually save these article as I go and refer back to them later to read when I have a chance. Below are several that I found interesting and I hope you do, too!



Nutrition and Eating Science

The New Definition of Metabolism

Drink Half a Bottle of Red Wine Before Bed to Lose Weight

Is There Anything New in Nutrition Worth Talking About?

The Psychology of Symptoms: 4 Psychological Types (Video)

Mom Wakes Up Totally Blind – When doctors find out what she’s been drinking, they save her life.

Living with Binge Eating Disorder

Diet Shown to Slow Cognitive Decline

Mediterranean Diet Could Improve Heart and Brain Health

5 Ways to Have More Freedom with Food


Mental Strength and Encouragement

Silencing the Inner Critic


20 Questions for Getting Honest with Ourselves

Tips for People who Want to Run But Hate It


Perhaps of Interest

Lower Back Stretches Relieve Stress

Psychcentral Mood-Tracker


Fellow Bloggers


Have a great Monday!


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