Motivation Monday–Challenge and Change

Hello everyone! And Happy Monday!

I feel inspired this morning to start a new type of post. I’m sure many of you are following other bloggers or social media interests that participate in a #MotivationalMonday and I thought we would do the same!

For this series, I will be selecting an inspirational quote, picture, sticker, phrase or anything that feels motivating and invigorating to start our week!


This week’s motivation:


Join  Get Fit 2015 Challenge — meal plans + nutritional coaching + daily workouts = resolution success!


There have been so many times in my life I have had to really dig deep to understand a challenge and how that challenge will actually turn out to be something that will ultimately change me. Running has been that way for me. It’s one of the reasons why I love running so much. The first time I ever ran that FULL mile without stopping, it changed me forever! It’s like a new room was opened up in my brain. It suddenly meant that all of those things I had been telling myself I couldn’t do, I realized they were possible!

A challenge forces you to really look at yourself.

A challenge encourages you to look forward and anticipate results.

A challenge inspires you to keep going, even when you felt like there was nothing left.

A challenge creates a new, better, tougher you.



What challenge in your life has changed you?

When and why did you know you were changed?


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