Photo Finish Friday #10

Hello everyone and HAPPY FRIDAY!

This has been a long, busy week for me. I thought I would catch up with you in a Photo Friday Finish post since we have done one of those in a while, so let’s get started!


Within the last couple of weeks I have enjoyed some cooler temps outside and definitely enjoyed the Fall feel we had for that 2 week period. It made me want to go out this weekend and buy some Fall decorations and flowers for my front porch! Can’t wait! Although, the nice weather definitely spoiled me because today (and the last few days) is a scorcher and I am planning on running a little later this evening to try and beat the heat! (Sidenote: Do the bathrooms at your track totally creep you out like they do me? I always have to check EVERY stall when I walk in. I swear if I were homeless, THAT would be the place to hide out!) (Another sidenote: It is taking THREE hair ties to form the Running Bun right now! Need. Haircut.)



In the past couple of weeks I FINALLY committed to putting the Madden Wellness Counseling office together. It went from this:



To this (Chester was camera shy)!



I am SO happy with how it’s turning out. I still have to put up the pictures and I want to paint that black bookcase a prettier color, maybe a gray, but it’s coming along! I’m also looking for some nice, affordable sleeper chairs to use as client chairs. I want something that I can actually fold down to use as extra sleeping space when guests come over. Good idea, right?! I’m looking at these right now.




I decided in the summer to pursue some additional training and education in the area of Eating Disorders since I knew I wanted to work with this population. Although I’m perfectly qualified right now to treat this population, it never hurts to brush up on a few new skills and the latest research. I enrolled in Northern Illinois University’s online Eating Disorders & Obesity Graduate Certificate program. Over the Summer term, I completed a course in Medical Illness and Family Therapy and another course in Human Nutrition. This semester I am enrolled in Issues with Eating Disorders & Obesity and The Child in the Family. I only have one more course left after this semester so it’s already almost over. I’m excited to see what these courses will be about!



I didn’t take a lot of foodie photos this week, but I did capture this #epicfail . That’s right friends, that is a massive green smoothie that NO SOONER than I got it made, I dumped it all over the counter and floor. Womp, womp… (Sorry for the blur!)


And last, I leave you with this bit of information. Have you discovered Periscope yet? I’m obsessed! I’ve been following lots of other great bloggers, including Amanda from Run to the Finish. I have also been broadcasting about once a week on there and I hope to even more. Follow me if you want for tips related to healthy habits, mindful eating, and more! Totally addictive!


That’s all I have today, folks. I hope you all have a nice relaxing weekend and I hope you are getting to enjoy a 3-day weekend as I am. Happy Labor Day!


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