Photo Finish Friday #16

Hello everyone!


Welcome back to our first Photo Finish Friday since my break over the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and left enough room for Christmas in just a couple of weeks!

So let’s catch up on a little of what I’ve been doing the last little bit.


At the start of my vacation, and just before Thanksgiving, my Mom and I took an out-of-town overnight trip to get some of our Christmas shopping done. This is the 3rd year we’ve done this little “girl’s weekend” shopping trip and I think it’s officially a tradition! The funniest part is we hardly EVER get anything done on this trip. We spend the majority of it eating, drinking Starbucks and meandering about the shops. SO…. we always have to have a follow-up and go on another trip just before Christmas! Smile

Anyway, our trips almost always start out with Brunch at Cracker Barrel or Ihop. This year, Cracker Barrel won out and I got a veggie omelet, bacon on the side and Mom and I split an order of a berry stuffed, white chocolate french toast. So good!


From there it was on to the mall and eventually, we stopped for a snack at the Food Court. We split an order of these Pretzel Bites dipped in caramel sauce. Again, delicious and the perfect snack break!


And then it was ALLL the shopping! Say Hi Mom! In this photo, she was modeling a Star Wars print for me to take a pic and send it to the husband to see if he liked it.


Aside from family time, I spent a good majority of my nearly 2 weeks off soaking up some much needed Rest & Relaxation. If Glee had continued, the latest season would be in full swing about now. I have missed it this year, so I decided to revisit one of my favorite shows via Netflix. I may or may not have devoted 2 entire days to Glee.


While watching Glee, I enjoyed some major comfy time in a new housecoat I picked up while shopping. I got the dog, obviously! Believe it or not, I found these at Kroger and I love them! They also had a polar bear, mouse and cat. So stinking cute!!


I also enjoyed several cups of hot coffee and tea out of this brand new mug I got while shopping. I love it!



Sadly, we did not get our Christmas tree put up yet, so hopefully that will happen this weekend! I hope all of you have had a fantastic week and are feeling very festive and in the spirit of Christmas and the Holidays. I’m so pumped for Christmas this year! See you soon!



Do you have your tree put up yet? Do you put it up pre-Thanksgiving or after?


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