Eats Lately

Hey all,

I recently have been combing through my phone and realized I’ve taken a lot of great photos of some delicious meals lately – without sharing them to you! I do share them on Instagram (are you following me?), so you can always keep up with me there.

I’ve really been working on trying to get a meal rotation in utilizing the Cook Once-Eat Twice approach. I talk about this in my 7 Steps for Stress Free Meal Planning Guide and we’re going to do an ENTIRE course on Meal Planning in my Healthy Eating Basics Boot Camp coming up in March.

Here’s some of the things we (and just me) have been having lately.

I brought back an old breakfast favorite with some plain, 2% Greek yogurt topped with strawberries and some Special K Chocolate Cereal.


One night we had Flat-Out Flatbreads topped with Grilled Chicken, a Dole salad kit mix and some cheese and a dollup of mayo, paired with some sweet potato fries and dill pickles. So good! We’ll definitely be making this combination more often.


The Dole salad mix made a repeat appearance the next night in these ground chicken taco bowls. I use the Perfect Taco Bowls (like the one’s in the tv ad) to make these. It works! On the side was one of my favorite frozen veggie mixes from Kroger, the Fiesta Style Vegetables.


And the Fiesta Vegetable leftovers made an appearance in the next night’s meal when we made Turkey Sausage Jambalya. This dish is so good and so easy! Will definitely be sharing the recipe soon.


Lastly, one night we switched it up and had Sausage Rigatoni with steamed broccoli. Small tip: When serving pasta, I ALWAYS pair it with a steamed veggie. I fill half my plate with the veggie and the other half with the pasta. Balance! This meal was enough for us to both have leftovers for dinner the next day. Win!


Some lunches were also had during the week. I often don’t have the option to go out so I usually make salads or have leftovers to take with me. I wanted to change things up a bit, so I bought this Amy’s frozen meal and also bought another bulk pack of my favorite Dr. McDougall’s soups, the Split Pea (affiliate link). So easy and convenient!


What have you been eating lately?

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