Birthday Recap

Hello, hello!

This past week, (well, February 15th), was my birthday!


(Sweater Cardigan and Necklace by Le Tote in this photo! <—- Affiliate Link for $25 off your first tote!) 

It was just another day around here and I actually spent most of mine in a work training. BUT I did get the chance to go out with my husband and In-Law family that evening. We chose to dine out at a local Italian restaurant.

I ordered the spinach ravioli and it was every bit heavenly (no photo, whoops!). I ate half of the ravioli with some perfectly warm garlic bread and packed the rest up for lunch the next day. AND THEN….I took a piece of this White Chocolate Raspberry Cake home with me. 😀 It IS my birthday after all!


I received some amazing gifts including a Macy’s gift card which I already have planned to purchase some new dress slacks with, as well as a $50 gift certificate to a local salon. I see a Deep Tissue Massage in my future!

And I think my favorite present is from the husband….although, he probably had a bit of help with me for this one! This is actually a combo present for both Valentine’s Day and my Bday since they come one right after the other. I usually don’t like getting one gift for the two days (I mean, every one else gets TWO, right??), but this year I made an exception!

The husband got me the new Fitbit Surge and I am SO IN LOVE! I have been sporting this around for the last week and I am just loving the friendly competition the app offers among friends. Full review to come! (Hi Chester! He needs a hair cut….)


It’s been a great birthday and I’m scheduled to celebrate with my family this weekend!


As a parting, I wanted to remind everyone that February 28th is the LAST DAY to register for the upcoming Healthy Eating Basics Boot Camp for the Early Bird Rate. The price goes up after that day and closes for good on March 3rd. We begin on March 4th!!

Click here to check it out!



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