Letote Review

Hey all,

I wanted to share with all of you today a HUGE secret that I mentioned a few weeks ago. But first, let me ask you a few questions:

  • How much are you spending on your wardrobe right now? $15 a shirt? $20 or $30?
  • How many items of clothing are you buying each month? Each year?
  • How many items of clothing are you out growing or simply not loving and deciding to sell or donate each month? Each year?
  • How would you like to have something new to wear EVERY week and spend LESS than what you’re spending now?

LETOTE is the answer!

Sweater Cardigan and Necklace – Worn to Work

Letote is a company where you can RENT clothing items and accessories to wear, return them, and then rent more items all for one price each month.

Floral Cardigan and Necklace – Worn to Work

I know, I know. The concept does sound a bit weird, but hear me out… A few months ago I became VERY bored with all of my clothing in my wardrobe. I also had very little interest in shopping because even shopping can be time consuming and frustrating. I really needed more than just a few pieces and I knew that it was going to be expensive to have to buy items professional enough for working. And sometimes, my work calls for me to have items on hand like blazers, jackets and suits. Yowzas!

Elastic Waisted Blouse – Worn to Lunch Date with Parents


I discovered Letote while reading another blog (can’t remember which one) and began to crunch some numbers. On average, I usually spend around $25 per clothing item, sometimes more, sometimes less. And every year, I’m willing to bet that I probably sell or donate AT LEAST 20 items because I simply don’t love them anymore or the style has changed. That’s $500 worth of clothing!!



BUT, what if I could have something new to wear several times a month and could change out items whenever I want? And what if I could do that for the same price as the amount of clothing I’m donating every year?


Letote is a subscription service in which you pay a one price rental fee for as many totes as you can rotate through in a given month.Depending on your plan, you’ll receive either 2-3 clothing items with 1-2 accessories with every tote. Subscription plans start as low as $39 a month for 2 articles of clothing and 1 accessory (such as necklaces or ear rings) in every tote. Shipping is always free both ways!



When you receive your tote, it comes in a box straight to your door. The clothing items are neatly wrapped in cute tissue paper and gives a special touch to the box. I have found I am usually able to receive my items once a week, wear them, and then pack them back up for shipping within the week. If I get the tote back in the mail as soon as I’m finished, I will almost always receive another tote in time for the next week. I easily rotate through 4 totes in a month. That’s 8 “new” outfits every month!! And if you’re doing the math, that would’ve been $200 worth of clothing versus the $39 I actually spent!

And another thing — you don’t have to wash the clothes before sending them back! They specifically ask you not to because they dry clean everything once it is returned. You can purchase a separate insurance for $5 to cover any damages, rips, stains or tears to the items while they’re in your possession. And if you get something you LOVE, then you can decide to keep the item and they will just bill you for the full price of the item. Pretty, cool, right?

Checked Blouse and Necklace – Worn to Work

I have found that Letote helps to keep my wardrobe fresh. I also really like that when I have the  once-in-a-while events like a party or important work function, that I can select an item specifically for that event without having to spend a lot of money on something I may only wear one time.

Winter Sweater Cardigan – Worn to Christmas Dinner


So, if you’re looking for something to change things up, then I highly recommend Letote. If you would like to try it today you can follow this link (affiliate link!) for $25 off your first box!