Break the Mold: Building Body Positivity

I am so excited to announce Break the Mold: Building Body Positivity, a FREE ONLINE course I’ll be offering LIVE, Thursday June 22nd at 8 p.m. EST!

In this sample course, we’ll be talking all about body positivity, giving up the diet mentality and learning how to overcome the media push of the thin ideal.

You will learn:

– Why a Non-Diet approach is the best for your health and sanity.
– How television and other media sources constantly work to make you hate your body.
– The subtle ways you’re probably self-sabotaging.
– How to love your body for the size it already is.
– How to give up dieting forever.
– How to free yourself from a life of pursuing unrealistic body expectations.
– And numerous resources for your continued journey.

This is the official launch of my upcoming, 6 week program, Beat the Binge. After the course, I’ll be offering an Early Bird rate discount to signup for the Beat the Binge program beginning on July 8th. Check out the Facebook Event page below for more information and how to sign up for the class. I hope to see you there!


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