Healthy Eating Boot Camp – SNEAK PEEK!

Hello everyone and HAPPY FRIDAY!

I wanted to share with you today a sneak peek into the upcoming Healthy Eating Basics Boot Camp. The short video below includes a break down of everything we’ll be covering during the program, a tour of the course and a clip of one of the lives sessions from the program we had last Summer.

In addition, you can take advantage this weekend of getting the entire program at 60% off! This is the lowest you will see the program this time around, so if you’re willing to give up a couple of fast food meals or Starbucks coffees each week of the program, then it will be an even trade!

The program is open for enrollment through March 3rd, with Early Bird registration ending on February 28th.There are only 12 spots available and the next course will likely not be until next Spring.

We begin on March 4th and the special rate of 60% off ends on Sunday, February 19th at Midnight! The program will be available at 50% off through Monday, February 20th at Midnight.

Check out the video below for more information and click here to read all about the program.