Photo Finish Friday #15

Hello everyone!

And happy Friday…. I mean Saturday… whoops…

Sorry, I’m running a bit behind on the Photo Finish Friday this week, but we’re getting all caught back up this morning!

To start the week, I was SOOOO excited to bring back out my Fall jackets! It’s actually been getting chilly around here for awhile, but I had just not taken the time to sort through and change out my seasonal clothes. It’s such a pain!!! Am I right?!

I immediately fell in love with this jacket all over again. This jacket doesn’t even have the tags in it anymore, so I’m not sure to tell you where it’s from. But to me this jacket has a special meaning. When me and my bestie were sharing a dorm room in college, we would also share each other’s closets quite often. I fell in LOVE wit this jacket of hers. Long story short, I ended up wearing it more than she did and she was nice enough to gift it to me for my birthday one year. This jacket is literally over 10 years old and still looks great!


Last weekend, I made a trip out of town to see the parents for a bit. There is a Dunkin’ Donuts where they live, and sometimes I just can’t help myself. I had to make a stop and picked up a half dozen donuts for me and the hubby to enjoy. I got a mix of some of their seasonal flavors, along with some classics. My favorite was the Pumpkin Cheesecake (bottom left corner)!


This was a random snack I had on one of the days I was home this week (thank you Veteran’s for your service!). Vanilla greek yogurt and a banana with pb on top. So good!


I have only had one run so far this week. It’s been a busy week. I usually only have a couple of evenings with the husband on his off days on Monday and Tuesday, so I usually don’t go workout on those days. I like to devote that time to chillin’ on the couch with him and the puppies. I finally made it out of the house on Thursday for a 2 mile run and it felt great! I’m hoping to get a couple of more in this weekend.



Lastly, this wouldn’t be a Photo Finish Friday post without catching up on what the pups have been up to this week. We purchased a doggie play pen for our new baby Jasper. Of course, we don’t plan on keeping him in this all of the time, but it has been amazing for those times when we need to be doing other things and can’t watch him as closely. It is great, too, because it folds up very easily and we can take it with us when we travel or go out of town to visit my parents.


And of course these two enjoyed some treats and naps this week (well, pretty much everyday Winking smile ), too.




I hope all of you have a great weekend! I’m off to take Chester and Jasper on a puppy play-date with my good friend, Magen and her new puppy Walter (the labrodoodle). Can’t wait!


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