The Thriller Ride 2015

Hello friends!

As I mentioned a last week, my bestie and I recently participated in a local biking event. The Thriller Ride is in it’s early years, still yet, and has just a small following making it a perfect ride! We actually rode in the Thriller Ride last year, too, and had an amazing time even thought it rained. This year’s forecast was much better, albeit a little chilly. Here we are from last year.

Thriller Ride

As I mentioned before, this year the Thriller Ride snuck up on me! I had received a text from my friend earlier in the week expressing her excitement for the ride that weekend. I had though the ride was happening much later in the month and had not even registered. I quickly registered feeling very nervous that I had not even been on my bicycle since the Thriller Ride last year!


However, the first time I rode in the Redbud Ride, I had also not been on a bicycle since I was a child, and I still made it through that ride. Knowing this gave me the confidence I needed to be able talk myself into feeling okay about this year’s ride.

We picked up our packets bright and early at 8:30 a.m. I was so excited to see they had some awesome swag bags this year with not one, but two T-shirts! Here I am sporting the Redbud Ride 2016 shirt which was included with registration. (I know this pic is dark. Sorry!) The shirt reads: EAT SLEEP BIKE REPEAT .


I missed last year’s Redbud Ride because I was moving that weekend, but I hope to ride in it again next year! The Redbud Ride usually follows a similar route as the Thriller Ride, but it draws hundreds of riders every year!

This year’s Thriller Ride started out as a chilly day, but there was no rain. With 25 miles on the agenda, we had such a great time catching up with one another about work and life, as well as reminiscing from the past. We have been best friends since the 9th grade and have known each other since the 6th grade, so I’m always so comforted knowing that we’ll be able to pickup in conversation right where we left off last time, even if sometimes it’s been months since we’ve seen one another!


(Photo courtesy of The Thriller Ride Facebook Page.)

We whipped through the back roads taking in all the sights. This route is so beautiful and has gorgeous landscapes. I started to feel my legs at about mile 12, but continued to push through.


I had forgotten my watch at home and was unable to monitor how far we had gone, and I ended up being glad that I had. I believe I would have been referring to it the whole time had I been able to, and my ride would have seemed much more daunting. Instead, we had lots of conversation which helped the miles go by quickly.


Before we knew it, we were heading back into town! It was a great ride and a great way to spend a weekend.


Of course afterwards, we finished up at a local eatery called The Abby. I had an amazing Bison Burger and ate every bite! So good!


(Photo courtesy of The Abby Facebook Page because I forgot to take one. Whoops.)


Do you have any Fall races/events on the horizon?

What’s the longest friendship you have ever had? How many years?


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