Favorite Things Lately

Hey all,

How is your Friday going? I’m off today so I’m propped up in front of the Today Show typing up blog posts. I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite things lately, so here we go!

ILife Robot Vacuum

My husband got me the ILife V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Pets   (affiliate link) and I have been absolutely loving it. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical because the Roomba gets a lot more hype and is quite a bit more expensive than this model, so I was worried it might not work that well. But so far so good! Some of the features:

  • 2-3 Hour cleaning time.
  • Programmable to schedule what time you want it to clean each day.
  • Cleans on hardwood surfaces AND thin carpet rugs (like living room rugs)
  • Made specifically for pet hair.

Some of the reviews on Amazon seemed to suggest some customers experienced problems – vacuum not going back to it’s base to recharge, vacuum getting stuck, etc. My first experience with the vacuum it did seem to get stuck on our dining table and never make it back to the base the first couple of nights. I simply moved the base over so it could have a more direct path and – VOILA – no problems.

I can’t tell you how much cleaner my house feels. I never really realized just how dirty it gets just from everyday foot traffic and from our two small dogs daily. We scheduled ours to run at 3 a.m. in the morning when we and the dogs are sleeping. Every time I have emptied the bin on the vacuum, it’s always full! Highly recommend!

Amazon Prime Reading


We have been a member of Prime for awhile, but it was only recently I’ve had a chance to checkout one of the features of the program of Prime Reading. Prime Reading provides free books and magazines for members every month to checkout and read on your tablet or Kindle Reading app. I have been loving having a mix of different magazines to read and have gotten a chance to try out many new ones I wouldn’t have tried otherwise. In order to enjoy Prime Reading you have to have a Prime Membership. Click this link for a 1 month free trial!

Immaeatthat Blog

Hi | immaEATthat.com

I only recently discovered Kylie Mitchell’s blog at immaeatthat.com. She is a Registered Dietitian and she is KILLING IT on the Disordered Eating front. Having gone through and recovered from an eating disorder herself, she has lots of valuable insight and encouraging words for others. I have loved and have found it very therapeutic to read through her blog. I love when I stumble upon a great blog and I have months or years of archives to review!

Le Tote

You guys, I feel like this is such a HUGE secret I’m about to tell you. But, I also feel like it’s TOO GOOD not to share. Awhile back I became extremely frustrated with my wardrobe. I didn’t like anything I had and felt like I could never buy any of the items I really wanted because I also needed things appropriate for work attire. Enter Le Tote.

Le Tote is a company in which you RENT clothing and accessories for one price every month. They give you free shipping both to and from AND they launder the items of clothing. I have been loving having something “new” to wear each week! I plan on doing an entire post on Le Tote along with pics of some of my favorite outfits so far. Stay tuned!


Get $25 off your first month with this link (affiliate link – Thank You!)

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