Eats Lately 

Happy Friday everyone!

I was going through my phone last night and realized I’ve accumulated several meal related pics I haven’t shared yet.

Disclaimer: As always, these photos are never meant to indicate any type or amount of food any one person should be eating. I only hope to inspire you in your creativity and help everyone feel they have the freedom to eat in a way that is both satisfying and nutritional.

The hubby and I bought a new grill and we’ve been putting it to work! Having a grill makes meal planning so easy because we can cook up several types of meats for the week and have them ready to go for our meals. On Sunday, we made burgers, but also made grilled chicken for salads, Italian chicken for a pasta meal and bratwursts for another day.

LOOOOOOVE when my burgers are slightly burned or charred! I paired with baked beans (from the can), squash and zucchini. No bun just because we were running low and I let the hubby have them since I didn’t mind eating mine without. 😉

I start nearly EVERY weekend morning with frozen waffles, one topped with PB and both in maple syrup. These are just so easy and after a week of making easy to pack breakfast meals like oatmeal, my body craves something different on the weekends. I love the Van’s brand!

And Friday nights are nearly always ended propped up with Netflix and red wine. I usually pair a small cup of green olives and cheese cubes, but on this night I decided to mix it up with dark chocolate and cheese. Best combo ever and will have to repeat!

On more than one night after dinner, I enjoyed a couple of squares of dark chocolate topped with PB and a side of almond milk with some chocolate syrup. Hit the spot and satisfied my sweet tooth!

This meal never gets old in the Madden household. Tacos made with beef, Southwest mix salad kit and I absolutely love the Fiesta Blend of frozen vegetables from Kroger.

This will be my GO-TO drink for the Summer, I’m sure. I got the Cold Brew Coconut but also added a shot of Sugar-free Mocha with almond milk. Soooooo cool and refreshing! (Please look over that nubby  nail. I have forever been and probably forever will be a nail biter.)

I paired my cold brew with this Go Macro bar. Have you tried these yet? More on these later in another post, but SO GOOD!


And that’s got us all caught up! I hope you all have a great weekend and remember, this is the LAST weekend to register for Beat the Binge. Registration officially closes next Wednesday, 07/05. This course will not be offered live again until next Summer. You can check out the details at this link —– >

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